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What Size Planter Box For Bamboo Using the right potting soil is the most important step for getting a healthy dense foliage plant. Running bamboo species put out more runners than clumping bamboo so theyre likely to become root bound much faster.

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What size planter box for bamboo. With bamboo generally speaking your planter cannot be too large. Bamboo can be grown in smaller pots temporarily. If you are planning to use planter boxes 18x18 inches and 18 inches deep is the smallest you should go.

Clumping bamboo grown in a 20 by 20 planter and running bamboo grown in a 30 by 30 planter should be divided or repotted about every five years. Bamboo Plant Sizes Mail order sizes are 1 gallon 2 gallon and 3 gallon plants ranging from 1-6 tall measured from the bottom of the root ball. A good size trough for our tall bamboo is 1m x 45cm x 45cm length x.

Ideally large wooden containers can make a great home for bamboo plants and provide some additional insulation as well. Build or purchase wood planters with at minimum 1-inch thick walls even for small bamboo specimens and preferably 1-12 to 2 inches for more robust varieties. Any of our larger sizes must be delivered via motor freight.

Each planter is hand crafted using high quality Japanese and Western Red Cedar and reinforced with with 60 mil HDPE Bamboo Barrier. SWONVI 111 inch Long Rectangle White Ceramic Succulent Planter PotsMini Flower Plant Containers with Bamboo Saucers Plant Window Boxes for OfficeHome 11 x228x173inch Long Rectangle 40 out of 5 stars. For the smallest bamboo varieties you should not get a container that is smaller than 1818 inches and at least 18 inches deep.

Frost Protection Any given variety of bamboo will be less hardy when grown in a container than it would be in the border due to the stress of the constrained. The minimum size container for growing most types of bamboo would be 10 gallons in volume. If you are planting indoors in smaller pots keep in mind that you will have to divide the bamboo fairly frequently to keep them healthy 1-2 years.

That said the bigger the better. Our Sugi Bamboo Planters feature a stylish trapezoidal design made especially for bamboo containment. Requirements for Growing Bamboo Plants.

60 x 24 495. Bamboo flourishes in moist loamy soil that. Part of caring for bamboo in pots is making sure it has ample room for its roots.

The size and shape of the planter will depend on what you are looking to achieve. They make great privacy hedge containers along driveways or in front of windows. Its an attractive durable planter made of the one longest-lasting metals available.

There are two approaches for screening in planters firstly using multiple troughs samples pictured below spaced along the span you wish to screen. As bamboo prefers slightly moist soil water it twice a week and increase the quantity if the air. Bamboo rhizomes the part that spreads tend to grow fairly shallow only up to 12 inches deep.

Since running bamboo puts out so many runners its likely to become root bound much faster. 2 x 2 x 3 175. Sugi Bamboo Planters60 x 24 495.

When it tapers the bamboo root mass will tend to fill the pots growing space completely making any future attempt to pull the the bamboo out an exercise in futility. Big 25- to 30-gallon 95-114 L wine barrels are ideal. Bamboo rhizomes are about 12 inches 30 cm.

The depth is important too. The roots however can go as deep as 2 3 feet down in the soil depending on the species. A 20 or 30 gallon container will give you several more years before having to repot or divide.

I always stay away from pots that taper at the top - always go for straight side or pots that are V shaped. We can deliver and install your bamboo in these tubs at your site as well. At 4-feet long this COR-TEN steel long rectangular planter is so much more than just a steel planter box.

You might be thinking you can find long outdoor planters anywhere. Ten gallons 38 L is the smallest reasonable container size and bigger is always better. The size of the canes is supported by the size of the rootball and because the growing area of the roots is limited in a container the growth potential of the canes is also limited.

Regardless of what type of container you choose as long as it provides enough space drainage and insulation your potted bamboo should thrive. Our plants are carefully stabilized for no less than 30 days prior to shipping and carry a 30 day warranty free of charge.

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