How To Build Planter Box With Sleepers

How To Build Planter Box With Sleepers Pre-drill a hole through the sleeper. Place the railway sleepers on the ground in a square or rectangular shape with the railway sleepers touching at the 90 degree corners.

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How to build planter box with sleepers. 50mm of the length of the screw needs to drill into the adjoining sleeper to create a solid connection. Lay the sleepers on a level section of ground in a rectangular shape with the narrowest sides on the ground and facing upwards. The railway sleepers should ideally be laid on a surface that is level and firm.

Line-up the sleeper so that its flush with the ends of the support posts and level with the top of them. Set up your work station outside and wear protective gear. Tell us how it went.

Next part of the garden renovation we have always wanted a raised veg bed and this is the first of two we are planning. Repeat this process for the other end of the sleeper. Many people simply lay them down directly on the earth grass deck or concrete.

Set up fence boards on your sawhorses and measure 6 pieces. Then secure the sleepers to the support post with batten screws into each post. Check out these imaginative and inventive raised planter projects using railway sleepers.

A threaded bar used to pin the sleeper in place while the other sleepers are positioned. Step by step tutorial on how I built deep planter boxes along my fence. And to all of you enjoying these pages with dreams and schemes in your head lets see what railway sleeper raised bed projects YOU finally plan and what YOU manage to create.

How to Make a Planter Box. This video will walk you through the build of a planter box that we are now using for our vegetable garden. Show us your before and after pictures.

Use two 150mm timber screws at each corner to attach the sleepers together. We use a 1m threaded bar cut in half as the topsoil was remarkably thin so we were close to the bedrock. Cut The Sleepers According To Your Size.

After identifying the location and size of your planter you should cut. Choose an area where you want to install your planter and. How To Make A Planter From Sleepers Step 1.

The bar will fix the sleeper in place while you fix the other sleeper making the end of the raised bed in place. These have been made with soft wood. Select An Area That You Want To Set Up Your Planter.

Lay your 1 in 4 in 25 cm 102 cm fence. Like creating a big picture frame. Secure the sleeper with a batten screw.

Since youre going to be sending sawdust everywhere work outside where you have plenty. Made in hemlock and pressure treated lumber for.

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