Cedar Planter Box Instructions

Cedar Planter Box Instructions Cut list for the front and back ends and base of the planter box Use a tape measure and carpenters square or straight edge to help you make accurate measurements and cuts. Use a measuring tape to measure out 4 lengths of equal size on 2 in 2 in 51 cm 51 cm cedar posts.

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Cedar planter box instructions. 36 18 and 18. To build your panels follow the steps below. These will be your end pieces.

We started by cutting all these to size from the cedar 2x4s. Make sure to pre-drill your holes as this thin cedar is very prone to splitting. Mark two fence boards at 48 or whatever length you desire and cut.

Mark two fence boards 6 down from the top and cut. There are eight long slats and eight short slats. Cut four pickets into three sections each that measure.

Measure your wall space vertically and decide how big you want your planter box. Sign up for Email. Get in on the best deals new products and gardening tips.

The legs are 345 long and the top bars are 30 long. The longer you make your pieces the higher off of the ground your box. There are six pieces of the frame.

Do this before purchasing chain links 3. Once you have the entire outside structure of the cedar planter box built measure the width of the inside about 3 down from the top and cut two boards out of your 22 for the pot supports. Call to order 1-888-833-1412.

Sizes Included in plans. 24in x 24in x 18in I include exact cuts and assembly instructions for the three sizes above but these plans are very adaptable. Make sure that the dog ear end of the pickets are for the 18 pieces.

Next we cut all the slats to size. How to assemble the 2x8 Elevated Cedar Planter Box. Four legs and two top bars.

Install your 22 supports on two opposing sides and place your plastic pot. 18in x 18in x 18in 3. This planter box consists of four separate panels and the bottom slats.

14in x 14in x 12in 2. To assemble the short side panels attach three slats and two rails to each other using 1 ¼ screws from the inside. Measure 4 pieces of cedar to make your legs.

This is for an INSTANT DOWNLOAD PDF for Cedar Planter Box Garden Plans - NOT THE ACTUAL GARDEN PLANTERS. A Quick-Start Guide to Elevated Raised Beds Big Box of Fun Elevated Beds Bring Maine Garden to New Heights. Measure how far down you want your box to hang.

Use a straight edge or angle square and a carpentry pencil to indicate the location of each cut.

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